Going Bananas

So yesterday I had a bunch of bananas in my kitchen displaying that golden brown colour before they inevitably go in the bin and gave myself the task of making Banana Bread and Banana Curd. The latter is utterly delicious on toast. I first purchased a jar at my local monthly farmer’s market and have been in love ever since.

As for the Banana Bread, I admit I am not the world’s best baker. Baking, I feel, is a precise science. Too much flour, too much butter and the like can easily ruin a promising treat. Despite my fears, I baked my bread full speed ahead, following this recipe:


I am used to using American measurements (cups instead of grams), but I recently got some kitchen scales to avoid a baking disaster. I used walnuts instead of the dried fruit specified in the recipe, as I love their flavour and texture. Pecans are great too and I have used them to make this bread several times in the past.

I have used this recipe a few times, and it is ok, although it would be better if it highlighted what to mix together first, especially if you don’t want to use a mixer (I usually cream the butter with the sugar first and foremost).

The results were somewhat disappointing. Although edible and not lacking in flavour, the bread seems a little dense (I suspect too much flour), so I will be trying a different recipe the next time around for better results. I have seen recipes using vegetable oil instead of butter and suspect these make a light and moist banana bread.

I have made Banana Curd only once before. The last time I made it, the bananas I used were not ripe enough to give that distinct banana flavour and the eggs used in the following recipe curdled a little on me (disaster)!:


Undeterred, I gave it another shot. I was as proud as punch as the banana, sugar, butter and lemon mixture cooked slowly on the stove and the smell permeated throughout my flat. Then came the tricky part: mixing spoonfuls of the hot mixture into the eggs. I spooned the hot banana mixture into the eggs bit by bit (and praying this lovely fragrant mixture would not curdle).

All seemed ok until I added the remainder of the mixture to the eggs and they curdled just a tad, although a lot less than the last time I made this. I did manage to remove the small amount of curdled bits that appeared and jar the curd. Had some this morning and it was utterly delicious, with a deep banana flavour and a lemony tang. Will definately be trying this again, hopefully without curdling it at all (third time lucky)!

I guess going bananas for a day was a moderate success 🙂

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